Vision & Mission


'Everything can be better.'
We demand the best in everything that we do. It’s in our DNA. We do not limit ourselves or create boundaries. We believe there is always a better way and work hands-on to create sustainable improvement. Our vision is to be recognized as thebest-in-class construction company and want Vardhman to be synonymous to quality and good customer service.
Our shareholders, investors and customers are our most important constituency. Our endeavor is to build and create substantial value for all. All projects have to be evaluated in terms of shareholder value. Subsequently, the aim is to extend this value in every brick laid.


  • The Group strives to beat the deadlines, rather than meeting them through detailed planning, meticulous execution, optimum technological support with most stringent wastage control of all the resources Material, Machinery, Manpower as well as Time.
  • To take advantage of the Group's collective resources - brand, employee expertise, pool of valued consultants and financial strength.
  • By safety the group means safety of the Employees as well as the safety of environment. Besides the high safety standards set by the group, we also enhance green expertise throughout our operations.