About Us

We has been creating landmarks for 23 years.

Founded 2 decades ago and guided by a simple yet profound philosophy; 'Creating buildings and bonds..with our customers', Vardhman constructions Ltd. is one of the foremost real estate companies which is headquartered in Bhopal. Vardhman is Bhopal's one of the largest developer and has completed more than 10 projects in Bhopal.
Headed by a team of visionaries and dynamic leaders, has till date built projects in such as residential duplexes, towers, integrated townships and commercial complexes along with their partners. The long standing mission of the company is to dedicate itself to their customers and to create spaces that exude aesthetic appeal while being sustainable, making the spaces present-perfect and future-proof. The core values of the company honesty, innovation, excellence, eco-friendliness, sustainability, value and commitment to time schedules are perfectly aligned with the living and working spaces it builds.

We did this by consistently delivering successful projects in Bhopal like -
Vardhman Green Park Phase 1
Vardhman Green Park Phase 2
Vardhman Green Park Phase 3
Vardhman Green Park Phase 4
- Vardhman Green City
- Vardhman Green City Extension
We believe that the Group's reputation is founded on our thorough knowledge of Bhopal’s real estate market, our integrity in our dealings with customers, our design and delivery of quality housing and our ability to deliver social and physical infrastructure to create a sense of place and community.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  1.   To set benchmarks in Quality, Economy and Speed of Delivery.
  2.   To set high standards in Safety.
  3.   To be a preferred employer in the industry.

Our Mission

  1.   The Group strives to beat the deadlines, rather than meeting them through detailed planning, meticulous execution, optimum technological support with most stringent wastage control of all the resources Material, Machinery, Manpower as well as Time.
  2.   To take advantage of the Group's collective resources - brand, employee expertise, pool of valued consultants and financial strength.
  3.   By safety the group means safety of the Employees as well as the safety of environment. Besides the high safety standards set by the group We also enhance green expertise throughout our operations.

Our Value

Aspirational - we build homes people aspire to live in and a company people aspire to be part of
Sustainable - we ensure the long term future of our developments, our people and our company
Partnering - we collaborate with our partners to achieve shared goals, mutual success and places of exceptional quality
Integrity - we deliver our promises and hold ourselves to a high standard of personal conduct
Respectful - we respect everyone we work with, the communities in which we develop and the future we contribute to building
Excellence - we strive for excellence and continuous improvement in every endeavor